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Site Contamination - Derby Pride Park - Research Paper Example

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The paper after analyzing the remediation methods will suggest the most appropriate remediation method for the contamination problem at Derby Pride Park. Then the social, environmental and economic impacts of the proposed remediation method will be discussed…
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Site Contamination - Derby Pride Park
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Extract of sample "Site Contamination - Derby Pride Park"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that soil pollution is a very critical health related issue. Both soil pollution and groundwater pollution adversely affect the health of humans, plants, and marine life. “Soil contamination can also affect those who touch it”. If we talk about groundwater pollution, we can say that it is even more dangerous because it directly affects human as well as marine life. Discharged water contains such substances, which are very harmful for the health of human beings. Before going to propose a site decontamination plan for the Derby Pride Park, let us get a brief overview of sources of contamination and some methods to decontaminate the polluted sites. There are various sources of contamination production. These sources include food, dietary supplements which are very rare, drugs, industrial discharge from chemical industries, pesticides that come from farming areas, and various detergents and fertilizers. “The potable water becomes wastewater after it gets contaminated with natural or synthetic microbiological compounds”. Groundwater from the neighboring fields is also a source of contamination. “Groundwater moves slowly and continuously through the open spaces in soil and rock”. Another major source of contamination is those chemical processes, which are used to take out the required minerals from rocks because raw material containing the minerals is often stored in impure and contaminated surfaces, which results in contamination of minerals. So it is strictly advised to keep the surfaces clean on which the raw material is to be placed. Remediation Remediation means decontamination of the polluted sites. The process of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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