Writing a program to see if a child is 18 years of age - Coursework Example

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The coding process uses hypertext markup language (html), and PHP programming languages. Display functions of “Choose your Date of Birth” and…
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Writing a program to see if a child is 18 years of age
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Extract of sample "Writing a program to see if a child is 18 years of age"

A Program to Control Minors from Accessing an Online Store PSEUDO START DISPLAY s GET Customers name
“Choose your Date of Birth”
Date of birth
“confirm your liability”
age difference = current date – date of birth
If age difference > 18
DISPLAY “you are Welcome, Click on the link bellow to proceed.”
if age difference < 18
DISPLAY “We are sorry you cannot shop here.”
Pseudo-code Explanation
This code explains the age authentication process in an e-commerce web site that deny children bellow the age of 18 to shop from it. The coding process uses hypertext markup language (html), and PHP programming languages. Display functions of “Choose your Date of Birth” and “confirm your liability” are implemented using HTML and CSS style sheets to display them to a web page.
The GET function that captures Customers name and Date of Birth uses forms in HTML to allow input of the values and the submit button to post the values to a PHP page to capture the values. The implementation is through the PHP inbuilt methods of POST[] and GET[]. The age format that has been input is verified using an age PHP function:
function age ($birthdate) {
The age difference of the user is calculated by comparing the age that has been input by the user and the current day and time that the process is taking place. It is possible by virtue of a PHP inbuilt function:
function (age) {
return floor ($age / $year)
This function returns the age difference of the user trying to shop from the website.
If else function determine if the user will proceed. If the user is above 18 years, he will be allowed to proceed by displaying “you are Welcome, Click on the link bellow to proceed” and upon clicking the link will be taking to a page that he can shop. Else if the age difference is bellow 18 years a
“We are sorry you cannot shop here” message will be displayed to them and no link will be provided to them to continue shopping.
Problem Analysis Chart
Solution Alternatives
The solutions to this problem are through other methods like:
- verifying the age of the user through the registration process that will only allow registration of users with age of 18 years and above. It reduces the redundancy of verifying the age of the user every time they are making a purchase.
- verifying the age of the user through checking credit card information that also captures the age of credit card holder.
- Getting age information from legal databases like government registration databases
Duckett, J. (2008). Beginning Web Programming with HTML, XHTML, and CSS (1st ed.). Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons.
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