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Program Theory - 2 - Essay Example

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Problem statement Bhatia (2013) stated that a person is unemployed if they are unable to find employment despite their rigorous efforts in finding one and the fact that there are readily available for employment. Previously the issue of unemployment has been widely discussed in the American public because of the fact that the rate of unemployment had spiraled up to alarming rates…
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Program Theory - 2
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Download file to see previous pages Besides social evils, the high rate of unemployment especially among the graduates could have led to an increase in the dependency ratio meaning that earnings of those who are employed would dwindle significantly because of many people relying on such people, which mean that there will be less economic activities (Rushe, 2013). According to Bhatia (2013) in the recent past the issue of unemployment in the U.S featured prominently especially during the past economic crisis which crippled the economy of the country and thereby affecting the financial performance of many institutions in the country. Subsequently, during this period, there was a massive job loss for many Americans and most of the companies were financially incapable of retaining the various jobs that it had previously offered. Paul (2013) further lamented that another significant fact that promotes unemployment in the U.S is the outsourcing of various jobs from various companies in the United States to other countries where the cost of labor is quoted as being low and there is an abundant supply of qualified workers. For example, by outsourcing some of the jobs that could be done by American engineers to countries such as China and India it means that American engineers will be unable to get employment opportunities and therefore, they will remain unemployed because of the fact that American companies are keen on saving on cost. According to Rushe (2013), in the past two years, the economy of the country has made significant improvements and more Americans have been absorbed into the employment sector thereby decreasing the severity of the problem. Despite of this improvement, the Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that as of August 2013, the rate of unemployment in the U.S stood at 7.3%, which is slightly above the average mark of 5.8%. Anyway, the significant drop is not a consolation prize because it still means that more than 12 million Americans are still unable to find gainful employment opportunities. Therefore, there is a warranted cause for seeking to find a solution to this problem because according to Rushe (2013), the figures released by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that 3.4 percent of engineers in the U.S have so far been unable to be employed. These significant levels of unemployment means that the government is also spending huge sums in paying benefits to these people while it is also unable to generate additional revenues from the taxes that could have been paid by this group of people if they were employed. Therefore, the problem of unemployment in the U.S can be quantified with the amount the government is spending on issuing benefits to this group of people and the amount of income tax it is unable to generate from more 12 million Americans who are unemployed. The proposed solution / program theory In order to tackle the problem of unemployment in the U.S especially among graduate engineering students, this present study proposed a program theory that is “employed an engineering student in USA.” Under this theory, there is posed to be minimal government intervention and more in particular, engineering students will be looked upon to solve this problem through their various initiatives or projects that not only solve societal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Program Theory - 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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