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Discussion in the Context of Kate Chopins Desirees Baby - Term Paper Example

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The paper contains a discussion in the context of Kate Chopin’s “Desiree’s Baby”. The author states that Armand does not know much about the African slaves’ culture. Furthermore, he is not aware of the history of slaves in America. His parents prevent him from learning about the slave culture…
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Discussion in the Context of Kate Chopins Desirees Baby
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Extract of sample "Discussion in the Context of Kate Chopins Desirees Baby"

Download file to see previous pages The knowledge about another culture helps him to identify the positive and the negative sides which exist in his own one. Therefore, after a thorough scrutiny of his cultures, he learns to appreciate those positive ones and to rejects the detrimental. Moreover, such comparative knowledge of foreign culture helps a man to view the same humanity in different colors, races, genders, places, practices, etc. In "Desiree's Baby", Armand’s love turns into hatred and his joy becomes sorrow because of his racial pride and superiority complex. His inherent racism provokes him to push his wife and son cruelly to death. Though he knows that he is a Creole, he attempts to hide his true identity. He hates his own identity and pretends to be white. Indeed, he fails to love his true Creole identity, he knows very little either about the white slave-owning culture or the African-slave’s (also the Creole’s) culture. His parents prevent him from learning the true history and culture of the whites and the slaves in America. Due to this lack of knowledge about other cultures, Armand has failed to love and appreciate his own Creole culture and identity.

Knowledge of another culture is very much important for the formation of one’s cultural identity because it helps him to acquire a sense of humanity and a tolerant view. When a man learns about different cultures and mixes with different people, he can perceive the same humanity existing in different cultural people. He learns that though people can be different by colors, races and genders, all of them have the same feelings about happiness and sorrows. Therefore, even if a man belongs to an inferior culture, he will be able to love it. The evil of racist self-pride overcomes Armand’s affection for the newborn baby and his love for his wife, Desiree. Textual pieces of evidence show that he has learned about his origin before his marriage with Desiree.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discussion in the Context of Kate Chopins Desirees Baby Term Paper.
(Discussion in the Context of Kate Chopins Desirees Baby Term Paper)
Discussion in the Context of Kate Chopins Desirees Baby Term Paper.
“Discussion in the Context of Kate Chopins Desirees Baby Term Paper”.
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