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Point of View: In Search of Truths about History and Society - Term Paper Example

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The paper compares and contrasts the narrative perspectives of Thomas King’s “A Coyote Columbus Story” and Herman Melville’s “Bartleby the Scrivener” short stories in terms of authority, limitations in relation to implied authors, shared values and attitudes between authors and the implied authors. …
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Point of View: In Search of Truths about History and Society
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Extract of sample "Point of View: In Search of Truths about History and Society"

Download file to see previous pages King and Melville both have authorities in relation to the implied authors because of their different sources of knowledge regarding them, although Melville has more limitations in connection to the implied author because he is not a Wall Street lawyer, but a sailor-turned-writer. King is a Native American who wants to help readers in understanding the history of colonization that cannot be detached from the history of oppression of Native Americans. He gives his voice to the implied author who criticizes the Coyote for her party in the name of Christopher Columbus. King notes that the Coyote is “silly” for celebrating a symbol of colonialism, but he also stresses that all coyote stories are conflicting: “Some of Coyote’s stories have got Coyote tails and some of Coyote’s stories are covered with scraggy Coyote fur but all of Coyote’s stories are bent” (King 121). 

Coyotes are symbols for all people, who are all storytellers with their own biases and interests; therefore, they can be cunning and cannot be wholly trusted. Though coyotes can represent white colonials more than Native Americans, King emphasizes the “primacy of Native perspective” among all these stories, according to Gundula Wilke (252). Wilke argues for the importance of oral storytelling in understanding the connections between myths and histories because it is a living way of sharing stories, therefore, its interactional nature is significant to the people telling these stories (252). King has authority because, as a Native American, he tells oral stories too that can result in more oral stories in the future. The process of storytelling is central to Native Americans and to their point of view that they want to share with the world.

I agree with what Gundula says that the interactional process of oral storytelling may be more truthful than non-oral or printed stories because the former becomes less certain than the latter, but all these stories have limitations because nothing can be fully known. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Point of View: In Search of Truths about History and Society Term Paper.
(Point of View: In Search of Truths about History and Society Term Paper)
Point of View: In Search of Truths about History and Society Term Paper.
“Point of View: In Search of Truths about History and Society Term Paper”.
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