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Literature Analysis of Genesis Chapter 7, Verses 11 to 29 of the Old Testament - Research Paper Example

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The texts in question is a written religious discourse taken from Genesis Chapter 7, The Old Testament. The language used in this text meshes with metaphors, cohesions, and tropes. This paper deciphers how the features mentioned above help the text fulfill its purpose…
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Literature Analysis of Genesis Chapter 7, Verses 11 to 29 of the Old Testament
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Extract of sample "Literature Analysis of Genesis Chapter 7, Verses 11 to 29 of the Old Testament"

Download file to see previous pages Before getting deep into the text and deciphering the features, summarizing the content of the text is essential. This will give a clear idea of the subject, the characters and the purpose the text is dealing with. Written in verse form, the text talks about the wrath of God and the great flood myth. It tells how Noah and his family along with other animals and beasts, who followed the instructions of God, were led into the ark by Lord and saved from the great flood that washed the "evil" out of the earth. It also mentions how after heaven had unleashed its wrath that people who didn't believe in Noah tried to enter the Ark. However, denied entry into the Ark by God, the evil perished in a flood which continued for "forty days and forty nights" (verse 14). The text stops (not ends) at a point where the ark is being tossed by the flood "And great anxiety seized all the living creatures that were in the ark, and the ark was like to be broken." According to Goldingay, " the Bible likes to do theology by telling a story" and there is no denying the fact that it does it convincingly, employing every art of creative literature. "The first rule of creative writing is to write a gripping opening line" Goldingay mentions (Goldingay 2010, p.5) and this text does exactly the same. It grasps the attention of the reader with a sudden beginning: "and on that day" and then with the help of powerful metaphors, it paints a vivid picture in front of the readers.

The text begins at a point where God shows his wrath to the sons of men. The description is of utter destruction and against the image of God as a peace-loving soul. The writer tries to justify the actions of God as, "and God did this mighty act, in order to terrify the sons of men, that there might be no more evil upon the earth" (verse 11). It is interesting to note that this part of the text tries to portray the 'almighty' God through the description of all the destructive forces his rage can unleash on earth. The face of God that the reader gets to see is one of anger. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Literature Analysis of Genesis Chapter 7, Verses 11 to 29 of the Old Research Paper, n.d.)
Literature Analysis of Genesis Chapter 7, Verses 11 to 29 of the Old Research Paper.
(Literature Analysis of Genesis Chapter 7, Verses 11 to 29 of the Old Research Paper)
Literature Analysis of Genesis Chapter 7, Verses 11 to 29 of the Old Research Paper.
“Literature Analysis of Genesis Chapter 7, Verses 11 to 29 of the Old Research Paper”.
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