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Criticism Achieved through Imagery in The Courage of Turtles by Hoagland - Term Paper Example

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This paper shows how Hoagland uses description and imagery to sensitize the public on their role in the protection and care of the natural world. Edward Hoagland’s essay titled “The Courage of Turtles” features sarcastic criticism about how people care for the world…
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Criticism Achieved through Imagery in The Courage of Turtles by Hoagland
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Extract of sample "Criticism Achieved through Imagery in The Courage of Turtles by Hoagland"

Download file to see previous pages Edward Hoagland, in his essay titled “The Courage of Turtles” makes readers develop great concern for the natural world, in this case, turtles by imagery. Imagery is achieved through descriptions that are largely indirectly criticizing whatever the author wants people to avoid. The essay is void of figure pointing as the author seeks to express concern for animals without necessarily sounding rough towards humanity. A closer evaluation of the writing shows that the author avoids depicting anyone as villains even the characters that he seems to disregard. Readers learn the author’s wish and intentions that he does not want people to be hostile to animals. He does not tell it directly.

 The criticism relies heavily on succinctly constructed phrases that help to build various images in readers’ minds. The images are delivered at carefully decided moments in the essay and not embarking on accusations or criticism. Remarkably, the essay wrenches regarding the chosen approach to criticism. At some point, Hoagland criticizes himself creating the impression that the essay is not made to point figures but to deliver the desired message. The essay comprises of three stories that help to reveal the desired objectives. The essay is strategically organized with three stories. The intentions of the story are introduced earlier in “The Mud Water pond Story” that further gives general information about turtles. “The Penny Arcade Story” explains a setting where turtles are mistreated for economic gains. In the last story, the “Diamondback Story” presents an incident where the author is cruel to turtles. The organization of the story gives readers insight into the author's childhood experiences and hence memories with turtles. In the introduction, the author hints that his essay is not just about the pride and joy of owning or possessing turtles. Here, he leaves the reader to contemplate because he does not give details of the intentions to the end of the essay. He only does that after a reader is enamored about turtles. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Criticism Achieved through Imagery in The Courage of Turtles by Term Paper.
(Criticism Achieved through Imagery in The Courage of Turtles by Term Paper)
Criticism Achieved through Imagery in The Courage of Turtles by Term Paper.
“Criticism Achieved through Imagery in The Courage of Turtles by Term Paper”.
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