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Analysis of Edith Wharton's Summer - Book Report/Review Example

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"Analysis of Edith Wharton's Summer Book" paper focuses on the saga of a young woman's discovery of sexual desire. The nineteen-year-old Charity Royall is innocent as for men; she observed many people in the village break off into couples, but the youth of North Dormer hold no fascination for her…
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Analysis of Edith Whartons Summer Book
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Edith Wharton's Summer"

Download file to see previous pages Harney, a young man from the city enters her life, she develops an interest in him, spends time with him and her feelings about the male gender changes and new developments seize her. But this is a strange development. She does not wish to evolve as a woman willing to own the domestic responsibilities of a wife and mother. She craves sexual fulfillment. A woman coming of age, falling in love, dealing with consequences, choosing paths. Yes, her name is Charity and she existed about one century ago!

The opening of the novel shows Charity is bored with all—individuals and the circumstances she is placed in. Mentally she has outgrown her small town, she wishes to break from its patterned lifestyle but the social restrictions bar her from moving further to realize her cherished dreams. To sum up the novel: A chance encounter between two individuals of the opposite sex, turns into a passionate affair at its center, and a wedding to follow at the end. Looks ordinary stuff, like any other sentimental novels, but Summer is something like depicting the art of love. It is like is the gush of freshwater in the calm area of love and the turbulent area of passion. The limitations of her small town always bother her, and on seeing a man from the city, she is enthralled. The young man is on a study mission to know about the local architecture, he enters the library to ask for books on that subject. She is flustered. The young man is struck by her beauty. His questions about the books in the library reveal to Charity about her ignorance and she feels awkward for her poor knowledge relating to books. After their coincidental meeting in the library where Charity works part-time, Harney and Charity begin to see more and more of each other until their friendship evolves into a torrid affair. The romance of this seemingly mismatched couple "breaks, or stretches, many conventions of romantic love stories and in the process creates a new picture of female sexuality" (French,1987 xlii).

This book was written in the year 1917, a little less than a century ago. W omens suffrage was the topic of the era. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of Edith Wharton's Summer Book Report/Review.
(Analysis of Edith Wharton'S Summer Book Report/Review)
Analysis of Edith Wharton'S Summer Book Report/Review.
“Analysis of Edith Wharton'S Summer Book Report/Review”.
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