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The Quantum Change: Gradual Epiphanies in Two Novels - Book Report/Review Example

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This paper "The Quantum Change: Gradual Epiphanies in Two Novels" discusses both books that have protagonists that act out a cautionary tale of the same nature, expressed differently. The lessons the reader learns are many, but the most important one is that if you let it, life will be what it is…
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The Quantum Change: Gradual Epiphanies in Two Novels
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Extract of sample "The Quantum Change: Gradual Epiphanies in Two Novels"

Download file to see previous pages Although they might not seem very sudden to the reader, the necessary changes occur during the second part of each novel, and so qualify them in a literary sense as epiphanies.

Part A: The first novel is a first-person narrative, in which Ditie, a man of small stature, endures what might seem like a hard life in wartime Prague. Although at first reading, Ditie does not seem to have a complex or hang-up about his size, most of his experiences and stories are tinted with descriptions and narrations that seem to have this aspect of his appearance in the background. All through the book, the reader is aware this is a very small man who, although he does not try to compensate overtly, and seems all in all to accept his shortcomings (pun intended), has in the back of his mind that he is missing something that other men take for granted. Although we do not see a real Napoleon complex - in the sense of becoming a fiery powerfully domineering man with obnoxious behavior and a need to conquer - the reader finds that whatever he does is based on this reason, which can never be changed. Ditie is what he is, and these very words are stated. What he wants for himself is the guiding force of the novel: this is a man who wants comfort and beauty. He discovers both in different ways: comfort in the ability to learn from every instance and turn that learning into wealth; and beauty in the form of pleasure derived from sexual encounters with courtesans.

Ditie is so taken by his first encounters with paid prostitutes that he pledges himself the pleasure often. He is overwhelmed by physical beauty and lavishes praise and gifts such as flowers into the laps of these women. This is not a cheap thing, which makes him endeavor to earn as much money as possible from his chosen trade. Ditie chooses catering and advances through the various stages of apprenticeship and learning by observation and imitation. He observes everything quite literally from below since everyone he meets is several hand spans taller than him.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Quantum Change: Gradual Epiphanies in Two Novels Book Report/Review.
(The Quantum Change: Gradual Epiphanies in Two Novels Book Report/Review)
The Quantum Change: Gradual Epiphanies in Two Novels Book Report/Review.
“The Quantum Change: Gradual Epiphanies in Two Novels Book Report/Review”.
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