Paternal Affections in To a Sad Daughter - Book Report/Review Example

In the paper “Paternal Affections in To a Sad Daughter” the author analyzes Michael Ondaatje’s ‘To a Sad Daughter’. It is primarily a poem from father to daughter containing his reflections about his adolescent daughter and how her life should be lived…
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Paternal Affections in To a Sad Daughter
Download file to see previous pages The third line already introduces the daughter’s penchant for goalies both famous and not. The father, in his paternal ways, looks upon her with mixed feelings. The first few lines present the daughter to be somewhat boyish in her ways and in her interests. The line ‘oh my god’ although still referring to a reaction from something which is hockey-related shows the girlish side of the daughter as such a reaction can only be merited by a girly teenager regardless of the reference. Perhaps solely concentrating on the sports page of the newspaper over breakfast, this indicates a morning ritual that both of them share regularly. This puts on a view that there are still certain things that are considered ordinary in their lives.
The second stanza reveals the father’s apprehensions yet unconditional love toward his daughter. It comes off as though a love poem which encompasses all the little idiosyncrasies which make up the whole feeling toward another person. It reflects a common paradox among fathers who may or may not admit it but deep inside they would always long for a son and when they do have daughters they would want them to partly act same as a son but would have now this dilemma of having confused themselves and their child.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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