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Making Sense of it all by Thomas V. Morris - Book Report/Review Example

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This essay discusses the work- ‘Making sense of it all’ by Thomas V. Morris deals with the subject matter of different aspect and areas related to the complexity of human life. The book aims to find out a convincing answer on the scope of religion and related questions in one’s life…
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Making Sense of it all by Thomas V. Morris
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Extract of sample "Making Sense of it all by Thomas V. Morris"

Download file to see previous pages Thesis statement: Does the work’ Making sense of it all’ by Thomas V. Morris about the meaning of life, religion, and related issues prove the suitable piece of writing for the audience.
The thought-provoking work,- ‘Making Sense of it All’ by Thomas V Morris deals with the questions that one come across in his lifetime and the greatest human effort to comprehend what this life is all about. Morris is of the opinion that faith and reason can do a lot in one’s life.  He reflects that faith in Jesus Christ is the sole answer to mankind’s tribulations. Through a contemporary and straightforward writing style, Morris’s work focuses mainly on the argument towards theism and Christianity. Thomas V. Morris makes clear that: “For the most part, we sleepwalk through life.” (Morris 1) we don’t realize the real meaning of life but simply live like animals. The main idea of the work is derived from the notes made by Blaise Pascal for ‘Pensees’, a book which he intended to write, but never written due to his untimely death. Morris was very much enthralled by these writings. Morris used these as a step ladder to investigate the nature of devotion, motive and the significance of life. His coherent reflections provide a new outlook for a considerate individual in the journey of life.
The first part of the work deals with the early life of Pascal whose father being his educator and guide throughout his life. At the age of thirty-one, Pascal had a mystical experience which was referred to by biographers as ‘The Night of Fire’. He opines that religious life is not to be compartmentalized from the life of the intellect. He talks vividly about love. His idea of truth was that a person who tells lies requires not only memory but also imagination. The last chapter deals with his view of life which should be filled with wisdom, happiness, and peace. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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