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Are the American Realist and Naturalist Writers Breaking away from Romantic Literary Tradition - Essay Example

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"Are the American Realist and Naturalist Writers Breaking away from Romantic Literary Tradition" paper states that American writers have used literary devices of realistic representation of human life, which could be construed as a breakaway from romantic tradition…
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Are the American Realist and Naturalist Writers Breaking away from Romantic Literary Tradition
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Extract of sample "Are the American Realist and Naturalist Writers Breaking away from Romantic Literary Tradition"

Download file to see previous pages The term “romantic” derives from the word “romance” which is prose or poetry originating in medieval or romantic literature. In the American context, it refers to a separate group of artists, musicians, poets, and writers, who lived between the 18th and early 19th centuries in Europe. Romanticism refers to a strong link between animals and nature and relies on emotion, exotic settings, unrequited love, heat, ocean, and birds for telling a story. On the other hand, realism refers to the depiction of subjects as they appear in life without ornamentation. Literary realism has emerged as a trend in the early 19th century in French literature and focused on the manifestation of contemporary life and society as it is, instead of giving a romanticized view. Realism is a reaction against romanticism, stressing the ‘real’ over the ‘romantic’- illustrating the everyday life of the characters and revealing they're of real thoughts. Regionalism and sexuality are portrayed as a feature of character identity rather than being ignored.

“Naturalism is as a metaphysical theory that holds that all phenomena can be explained mechanistically in terms of natural (as opposed to supernatural) causes and laws.” (Naturalism © 2006 Robert Todd Carroll). In literature, it tries to apply detachment and scientific principles of objectivity to its study of human beings. Naturalistic writers believe that through an objective study of human beings, it is possible to understand the forces that control human lives. This theory considers that human beings are governed by their passions and instincts.

Kate Chopin is a strong-willed American feminist writer whose stories cover themes like regionality, marriage, infidelity, and sexual freedom. Her short story, ‘The Storm’, portrays the affairs of two married persons and illustrates how the world keeps going despite infidelity. It also tries to depict the sexual environment exiting of the 19th century American society while clearly giving a strong indication of human beings’ normal proclivity towards sexual infatuation.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Are the American Realist and Naturalist Writers Breaking away from Essay.
(Are the American Realist and Naturalist Writers Breaking Away from Essay)
Are the American Realist and Naturalist Writers Breaking Away from Essay.
“Are the American Realist and Naturalist Writers Breaking Away from Essay”.
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