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Biography on William Shakespeare - Essay Example

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He left university at an early stage and never took any formal tuition. He grew up as an actor who avoided feature roles. Regardless of certain boundaries and limitations, William Shakespeare burnt…
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Biography on William Shakespeare
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Extract of sample "Biography on William Shakespeare"

Module William Shakespeare born in the year of 1564, born to John Shakespeare. William Shakespeare is an English poet known all over the world.
He was not born in a noble family neither did his family own substantial wealth. He left university at an early stage and never took any formal tuition. He grew up as an actor who avoided feature roles. Regardless of certain boundaries and limitations, William Shakespeare burnt the midnight oil to work well. He continued his work as a playwright. Today his work is practiced and appreciated in every corner of the world.
John Shakespeare, father of William Shakespeare suffered from financial issues. This is one of the major reasons why William Shakespeare did not complete his university. Earlier, he attended King`s New School, a local grammar school. The school prioritized several subjects such as ancient history and rhetoric. English literature was practiced less. In 1582, aged 18, he was married to Anne Hathaway. Willia Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway had their first child, Susanna in 1583. Hammet and Judith, were the twins that became part of their lives in 1585. Scholars have declared some years in his life as the years in which he kept everything to himself. (
In 1590s, William Shakespeare had developed himself as a devoted actor and playwright. His work and talent gained appreciation. It was in 1594, when he became a part of Lord Chamberland`s Men. Lord Chamberland`s Men is one of the most famous acting organizations in London. He was appointed a shareholder here. He played at the court of Queen Elizabeth |, during his work in this organization.
His work gathered audience in 1597 when his work on The Merchant of Venice spread all over Stratford. In 1590s he wrote, A Midsummer Night`s dream. Romeo and Juliet, Richard || and the Merchant of Venice. King James, appointed William Shakespeare along with his co-workers as the Kings`s men. King James, who came into the throne in 1603, regarded him with respect and modesty. King James had always enjoyed his work. During his reign, William Shakespeare gained a huge success. William Shakespeare, wrote King Lear, Macbeth and Antony and Cleopatra in this time period.
William Shakespeare owns a unique global importance. Several artists and poets are inspired by him. His poems and plays are not only enjoyed,but they tend to be influential too. He has enveloped many philosophers, scriptwriters, poets, artists, thinkers, etc, under his work. European and Word literature was revived by him.
In the early 1560s, English theatre was run under the influence of craft guilds. The plays were mostly religious and allegories. The people performing in these plays were often arrested for irrelevant crimes. When William Shakespeare initiated his work in the theatre, he and his men were supported and secured by powerful dominating men. This protected him and his work. (
William Shakespeare died in 1616. He passed away at the place where he was born, Stratford. When he passed away people had already declared him as one of the greatest English playwrights ever lived in his era. He is a playwright not only for an age but of all time.
References,. William Shakespeare - English Author - Biography. N.p., 2015. Web. 1 July 2015.,. The Life Of William Shakespeare (1564–1616) | Shakespeare In American Communities. N.p., 2015. Web. 1 July 2015. Read More
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