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Action movie is interesting to watch for many people because it provide the audiences with electrifying excitement, present a hero to emulate, and it is easy to comprehend for all range of viewers. I would pay ten dollars to watch action packed movies; it gives the same…
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The fight
Download file to see previous pages Same as a roller coaster, action movie paints color to our lives in a way that it avoids that constant boredom in life. Besides acting as a stimulator, it provides us with heroes who we can help identify with and shape our lives (Welsh & James, 2000). For instance Captain America, Iron Man, Jackie Chan and Rambo has been the hero in the movie they feature, and many have always looked at them as role models. The actors have an interesting way of portraying the character as good guys versus bad guys, and it is enthralling to see social justice being fulfilled where the hero wins against the villains. Arguably, these heroes are what that makes the viewer keep returning to the movie time after time. So whether it is Jackie Chan using his fist of fury or Rambo causing havoc upon enemies or Terminator battling another killing machine, these are the things that people are waiting to see when they are at seat of their favorite movie theatre.
The movie The Gladiator and The Avengers are not short of action episodes with enthralling actions filling most part of the movies. The Gladiator exposes us to a hero Maximus Decimus Meridius who leads the Roman army to a important victory against Germanic tribes that helps ends a long-standing war. This makes him win the favor of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius for his show of might in the battlefield (Ward & Allen, 2001).
It is heroic act during the battlefield that convinces the Emperor to choose him as a successor to his son as the possible suitor to save Rome from corruption. This decision does not go well with Marcus Aurelius, the emperor’s son and leaves him in despair. Soon enough he commits suicide, and the Emperor maintains his choice for the successor. After the death of his son, the emperor questions Maximus for his loyalty and suspects foul play that lead him to refuse to hand over the throne to Maximus.
There Emperor orders him to be arrested and executed in the morning but manages ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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