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Journal One: Identifying Conflicts From Other Sources - Assignment Example

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Conflicts may be external or internal in nature. Internal conflicts are inner feelings, emotions or psychological tussles that prevail within a…
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"Journal One: Identifying Conflicts From Other Sources"

Download file to see previous pages Internal conflict is often portrayed as an extremely complicated issue. A struggle between the ethical values and the available options tears apart the integrity of characters that are subjected to internal conflict. In some cases, a person’s emotions serve as the cause of conflict. In Hamlet, for example, Shakespeare portrays how hamlet is inclined towards taking revenge from a person, about whom he is uncertain regarding his conduct. Despite this uncertainty, his strong drive for a revenge results in a catastrophic outcome. Conflict is therefore portrayed by making use of a situation where Hamlet has difficulty deciding the course of his future efforts.
As far as the external conflicts are concerned, they are portrayed in almost the same manner in all works. The antagonist is given to job of creating problems for the protagonist. The antagonist uses unhealthy, unethical and sometimes oppressive tactics that become a hindrance in the pathway of success for the protagonist. The protagonist reacts to such actions and overcoming such obstacles becomes the aim of protagonist in this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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