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Pottery and labors - Essay Example

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The image is a large cup that appears to relay a particular message or symbolize something in the society. The previous collection was in Zurich, Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule. The image’s fabric is…
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Pottery and labors
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Download file to see previous pages The pottery is dated -475 to -425 and Beazley attributes it to Yale Lekythos.
Red-figure Pottery is a style of vase painting that is characterized by red figures that are drawn and have a black background. In red-figure pottery, the images are made in the original color of the clay that allows for greater detail. The red-figure pottery has made Vase number 207753 pottery more detailed and realistic. It also allowed the painters to have a greater perspective compared to other techniques. The red-figure permits frontal, a back and three-quarter view that helps to create a third dimension to the painting. Red-figure depictions have helped the pottery to be livelier and realistic and clearly contrasted than if it had a black background.
The shape of the pottery is skyphos. It has a low foot and has two handles that are horizontal to one another. The foot of the pottery is flat, and it has a depressed body that is spherical in shape. In addition, it has no neck. It has a short lip and seemingly a flaring grounded edge. The rim of the pottery is narrow and boasts of a broad mouth. The design paint appears black and white due to the camera used in taking its photo. There is a high probability that it is dark brown with purplish red. The outer face of the rim has a patterned design and a set of rectangles that are positioned centrally. There are fine horizontal lines on the upper and lower edges of the pattern lines that add to its beauty. The interior of the pottery is not visible though there is a high probability that the outer side has the same color as the inner side.
Two main decorations characterize the pottery. There is a Theseus that is seated on a rock, and a woman with club and lion skin. The pottery serves to display the culture of the Athenians. The two persons in the pottery are clothed in a traditional way. Skins clothing was a norm among the people of the past, the use of these decorations help in the preservation of old culture ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pottery and Labors Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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