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The Nature of Hedda Gabler - Research Paper Example

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This paper focuses on the story of Hedda Gabler. The author approaches the main character and protagonist who has struggled and had difficulty to accept the realities of life as they happen. The author focus on Hedda Gabler Tesman whose life changed drastically following the death of her father.    …
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The Nature of Hedda Gabler
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Extract of sample "The Nature of Hedda Gabler"

Download file to see previous pages The husband George Tesman tries his best to please the wife Hedda Tesman by even buying her a house. The husband George Tesman even went beyond his financial capabilities and means so as to cover the comforts of the wife. The wife, Hedda Tesman ought to have realized and seen how the husband struggled to go the extra mile so as to get them a new house.  In principle, the protagonist Hedda Tesman is in no place to appreciate the reality of her life at that particular place in time. As much as the husband, George Tesman who was an academic bore was not financially well off as the father General Gabler, he struggled to get that house to impress the wife. Another instance shows Hedda as a master of manipulation and she manipulates Mrs. Elvsted to concur and confirm something that he did not want to. It is a conventional knowledge and wisdom that if a person is not comfortable with herself or himself, that person is supposed to be given free space and personal space (Tangeman 39). However, the protagonist Hedda Tesman defies the comfort and personal space of Mrs. Elvsted to tell and coerce her to admit something she did not want. In practice, it shows the protagonist manipulating her to confirm and admit that she had a relationship and interest in the academic alcoholic Eilert. Tentatively, it is important to note and mention that the main character does not recognize that Mrs. Elvsted was not interested in sharing such information. It is against the conventional interest and wisdom of a person to coerce and force a person to share or say something that he did not want to share. Seemingly important and critical in this respect and sense is that she fails to notice that Judge Brack was flirting and interested in her. At the face value, the catch or the flirt was seemingly the most important person or catch in town at that point in time. She was seemingly more famous and loved more than all the others. Intuitively, the protagonist fails to realize that Judge Brack was flirting and interested in her.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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