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Societal Views On The Role Of Women - Essay Example

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The paper "Societal Views On The Role Of Women" describes what the novel Sula and the play Hedda Gabler address the issues surrounding the views of the societies of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries concerning women and their place within these societies…
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Societal Views On The Role Of Women
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Extract of sample "Societal Views On The Role Of Women"

Download file to see previous pages One would suggest that the actions of these women throughout the two works might have come to hurt their societies because had all the women in these societies acted as they did, then it is likely that the entire social order might have collapsed. Nevertheless, this did not happen and in the case of Sula, she was looked upon as a reference by other members of the society and her example ensured that all the people live moral lives so that they could not end up like her. Despite this, after her death, it is noted that the society of The Bottom quickly disintegrated into one of chaos. Hedda is a woman who believes in the beauty and freedom and does not believe in abiding by the constraints placed on individuals by their societies. It is for this reason that she chooses to convince Lovborg to commit suicide as a means of ensuring that he does not remain a rival to her husband. However, after Lovborg does indeed commit suicide, and her actions are discovered by Judge Brack, she confesses her view of life and her weaknesses to him. However, knowing that Brack might potentially be capable of blackmailing her as long as she is alive, she chooses to commit suicide. She shows her strictly independent spirit and her need to ensure that she retains her freedom no matter the cost. Therefore, both Hedda and Sula are extremely strong and independent women who do not bow to societal conventions and instead live their lives as they want. Their actions are those of women who yearn for the freedoms that the men in their societies enjoy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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