A Contemporary Song about Small-Town Life and a Play Our Town - Essay Example

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The purpose of this essay is to relate a contemporary song about small-town life with a play ‘Our Town’ by Thornton. Our Town’ is one of the most staged American plays that have no sceneries. "Small Town" is a song by John Mellencamp and explains about what he experienced as a resident of Indiana.   …
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A Contemporary Song about Small-Town Life and a Play Our Town
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A contemporary song about small-town life and a play ‘Our town’ Introduction Similar to the plays, songs are used to relay a certain message and present the opinion of the writer to the audience. ‘Our Town’ is one of the most staged American plays that have no sceneries or props; rather it is staged on an imaginary world with only tables, ladders and some other items in place (Bloom, 28). ‘Small Town’ is a song written by John Mellencamp and explains much about what he experienced as a resident of Indiana.
Thesis: The purpose of this essay is to relate a contemporary song about small-town life with a play ‘Our Town’ by Thornton.
As much as Mellencamp is portrayed as the champion of small town America, he has remained true to his background by writing about his life and love for the small town (Johnson, 2-3). In his song, Mellencamp brought forward a message that someone does not necessarily need to live in a city for him or her to experience a full life. According to him, living in the countryside was something of value that anyone should appreciate because that is where the family and close friends live (Mellencamp, 43-45).
According to Franklin (254-255), the play ‘Our Town’ by Thornton Wilder is about the fictional American small town of Grocer’s Corner. The play explores the kind of lives for the people in small towns, where the normal life revolves around birth, marriage, and death. The theme in the play is quite similar to the lyrics of the song by Mellencamp as they both depict the graceful lives of people in the countryside.
I agree with their views of small town life because it is our duty to maintain our originality and appreciate the simple and peaceful life in the countryside. It is something that those from the city should envy, as there is no anonymity in the countryside. Just as you know everyone, everyone knows you in the small town life. People should appreciate others and the little things they do as they are actually among the most important ones.
The ‘Small Town’ song by Mellencamp, rhyme in terms of the subject matter with the play ‘Our Town’ by Thornton, as they both tell of the life experience in a small town setup. The play and the song give a positive outlook of a unique and admirable life.
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