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The story of Romeo and Juliet demonstrates many aspects of life. The paper "Image Of Juliet In Shakespeare's Tragedy" focuses on the character Juliet in the Shakespeare's play as the one who suffers at the hand of major characters most, including at the hand of her parents beside her lover…
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Image Of Juliet In Shakespeares Tragedy
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Download file to see previous pages When a member of a family needs help, the family always be ready to help her or him. However, in the play the character Juliet is left alone by her family and friends when she needs help or when she seeks help. Lady Capulet and Romeo are two characters who betray her which lead her in doing wrong decisions.
Juliet’s mother, Lady Capulet is the one who understands her the most. It is thought that a mother is supposed to be supportive of her daughter, but Capulet is the first person in letting Juliet down. For instance, when the father of Juliet decides that she should marry Paris, Capulet stands up with her husband’s decision, despite knowing that Juliet does not want to marry him (Lare). Here, Capulet should be on Juliet’ side. Being a mother and having good enough experience of spending life, she should have known the consequences of marrying a person whom Juliet does not like. Another important treachery that causes great harm to Juliet because her mother is that she teaches Juliet to judge a person by his money instead of integrity and character. Paris is an affluent and good looking person and, therefore, Capulet wants Juliet to marry Paris. It is not fair because Juliet is deeply in love with Romeo. Capulet’s words of judging a person by his money hurt Juliet because Romeo is a poor person.
Friar Lawrence is another person who is not faithful to Juliet. Friar Lawrence the priest who wants Juliet to be married to Romeo. The agreement between the priest and Juliet of making Juliet seem to be dead does not achieve its purpose. The priest seems to be careless in informing Romeo about the planning that has been done by him and Juliet. The letter does not reach Romeo and consequently, Romeo kills himself, thinking that Juliet is dead. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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