Boswells Views About the Written Work of Addison and Johnson - Essay Example

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The paper describes Boswell’s view and perception of the two authors’ work that is based on his opinion after analyzing their work. His views are also based on critical analysis and are rooted in various styles both authors use to communicate with their audience…
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Boswells Views About the Written Work of Addison and Johnson
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Extract of sample "Boswells Views About the Written Work of Addison and Johnson"

In Boswell’s view, there exists a significant difference in the work of Addison and Johnson. For Addison, Boswell sees his work as lacking strength and authority. Boswell states that it is nerveless and feeble. When comparing his work, and that of Johnson in the same context, Johnson’s work is full of energy and strength. The second comparison is based on how readers of both authors perceive their written work. Johnson’s work attends to his readers with awe, admiration and precepts to his readers with commanding eloquence. While Addison’s work in Boswell views fancy his work and are more identifiable with his thoughts in their minds. The final comparison is on the initial impression of each author's work when reading. The work of Johnson seemed strong at first but relished, for instance, that’s why Boswell compares it to the liquor. The work of Addison in comparison pleases all at first that’s why compared to wine
Boswell’s view and perception of two authors’ work are based on his opinion after analyzing their work. His views are also based on critical analysis and are rooted in various styles both authors use to communicate to their audience. Boswell's he ties his opinion about the two writers on how he feels they appeal to those who read their piece of work. For instance, that’s why he talks of Addison’s readers fancying his delivery and opinions. He uses various objects to create a symbolism of the writers’ work for use of wine and liquor. Through this, the readers of his work can identify with his views about the written work of Addison and Johnson.
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Boswell, J., & Womersley, D. (2008). The life of Samuel Johnson. London: Penguin.
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