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Going Gaga - Essay Example

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It is a common experience for songs to stick in people’s minds(Bailey and Davidson 18).Given that this experience is common, several beliefs exist regarding the matter. First, many people believe that an obnoxious or annoying song is more likely to linger in a person’s mind…
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Going Gaga
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Download file to see previous pages In analyzing the occurrence of intrusive songs, age plays a major role in determining the type of song that sticks in a person’s head. A contemporary popular song is more likely to linger in the mind of a young person than in the mind of an older person. Likewise, an older person is likely to find older songs more appealing to them and such songs are more likely to stick in their mind.
The purpose of this paper is to support the above thesis by analyzing the article Going Gaga: Investigating, Creating, and Manipulating the Song “Stuck in My Head”. The article reports the findings of five studies that explored the phenomenon of intrusive songs. The paper is organized as follows: for each study, except the last one, there are two paragraphs. The first paragraph summarizes the studywhile the second analyzes it in light of the thesis statement.
In an effort to develop a fuller description of intrusive music, the researchers asked their respondents a series of questions. They asked what the causes of intrusive songs were whether they liked or disliked intrusive songs and how often they experienced intrusive songs(Hyman, Burland and Duskin). They also asked questions touching on the nature of re-experiencing, such as the aspect of the song that played in their heads. The survey involved 299 participants recruited by the snowball method. Their ages ranged 18 and 75 years, with the mean age being 30.13. Participants answered ten questions on their latest intrusive song experiences. One of the questions asked what song was involved. Another question sought to find out whether or not the participant liked the song that stuck in their head.
While the range of the ages of the participants is wide enough to capture the role of age in intrusive song experiences, and while their questionnaire had a number of questions that could help record the information, the findings on the aspects are rather dismally reported. For instance, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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