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A Brief Overview of Hamlets Characterization through His Soliloquies - Term Paper Example

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The author states that Hamlet’s dilemma of action and inaction is central to the misery of his life and the ones surrounding him, thus contributing to a tragic consequence. The failure of revenge on the protagonist’s part is affected by Hamlet’s incapability to win over his own innermost conflicts…
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A Brief Overview of Hamlets Characterization through His Soliloquies
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Download file to see previous pages To be or not to be – that is the defining proclamation of merging or demarcating the thin boundary between all actions and inactions of human life. This dilemma, as well as the demarcation, is well portrayed by the acclaimed playwright William Shakespeare through the character of Hamlet, the protagonist of Hamlet. An appropriate way of elaborating these issues along with the protagonist’s characterization is by means of looking into his soliloquies or ‘self-speaking’. Hamlet’s dilemma of developing a purpose and determination for action, which eventually converts into inactivity and the tragic end of the play, demands serious speculation.
The complexity of action, as well as the impossibility of certainty, is prominently highlighted when it comes to discussing the execution of revenge by Hamlet, the protagonist in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The lack of self-confidence and hindrance of the inaction of the protagonist distinguishes the play remarkably apart from other revenge plays in English literature. Shakespeare portrays Hamlet as an able yet reluctant hero who is characteristically more prone to apprehension than to action. This is the case of his dilemma: of realizing the truth behind his father’s murder followed by the ghostly encounter, of acknowledging the plan of revenge and yet choosing to postpone this action. This thin demarcation between action and inaction is prominently expressed in the innermost thoughts of Hamlets, what is more appropriately known as Hamlet’s soliloquies or his self-conversation. Among the soliloquies of Hamlet in the play, the most debated one expressing the protagonist’s innermost projections is the “To be or not to be” soliloquy from Act III, Scene I of Hamlet. It most undoubtedly holds the central place of the entire discussion of action and inaction on the part of the protagonist for planning his ‘revenge’. Indeed the soliloquies speak of more action than does the protagonist himself. In Davies’ (2008) words, “Hamlet is rarely more dynamic or on the move as a character than in the action of his soliloquies, which remain the vehicles for an unfolding ‘drama of thought’ throughout Hamlet rather than expressions of a fixed kind of ‘dramatized thinking’.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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