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The author analyzes “The Lottery” story by Shirley Jackson which highlights the fact that societies must adjust themselves to the need of changing times. Leaving behind the past beliefs, which have no meaning, is the only way to reform society in a progressive manner. …
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Analysis of The Lottery Story written by Shirley Jackson
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Download file to see previous pages The story called “The Lottery” written by Shirley Jackson describes many myths of the society of a tiny village where people had few lazy activities to pass their idle time. The menfolk would gather around a meeting place in the village and gossip about the plantation, rains, and children. The concept of the author has been from the beginning of this narration to highlight the village life and describe the beliefs and traditions followed by these village folks. This story, written in 1948, after the end of world war emphasizes the need for the society and people to change their attitudes towards life and the blind beliefs that govern it. The central point about the story is the blinding faith in the past traditions and customs that these villagers would not like to change. This connects the story to the kind of superstitious values that the village people were following. An example of this can be traced to the fact that the lottery box has almost lived its life and become worn out, as this box is used every year for the ritual of conducting annual lottery draw in the village. However, the people of this village would not like to change the box as it has the pieces of wood taken from the earlier box, which was probably used for centuries. Although the lottery conductor, Mr. Summers raised the point of replacing this box, the people of the village would not listen to him as nobody wanted to replace it. The draw of the lottery had nothing to do with the age or construction of the box.
Such blind beliefs are found in most of the countries. For example, people in India would not conduct an important business during a certain period of the year, which is considered inauspicious. Like the tradition of celebrating the Halloween, which this village also enjoyed, worshipping the dead is not considered a good sign in India. Such traditions leave a long-lasting image on the psyche of the people, who are not prepared to change the age-old beliefs.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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