Heaven by Cathy Song And A Far Cry From Africa by Derek Walcott - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes the poem “Heaven” by Cathy Song and “A Far Cry From Africa” by Derek Walcott. The writer will focus on the evaluation of the two poems in hope of identifying with the interests of the respective authors in their development…
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Heaven by Cathy Song And A Far Cry From Africa by Derek Walcott
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Download file to see previous pages The lines assist in the presentation of the distance that is perceived by the poet in retrospect to the possibility of being back in China. Such is presented by the consideration of a spanning bridge in reference to the action of the son pointing to the position of China on a map. The author uses simple language in hope of presenting the intended meaning to her audience. Cathy allows her poet to narrate the events that mapped the eventual development of the intuition of China being metaphorically likened to a heaven in a lucid manner. Such intents is considered ideal for the welfare of her audience. Additionally, the structuring of the poem allows for a sense of ease in the fathom of the considered content. The poet perceives the essence of carrying her audience along her mayhem and distress. She considers enlightening them prior to engaging them into her son’s dream of a China heaven. She is, also, categorical in substantiating on the difference between the considered terms. Her description of the decisions of her husband and their eventual alienation allows for the winning of the sympathy of the audience. “The boy who helped to build the railroads for a dollar a day had always meant to go back, when did he finally know that each mile of the track led him far away”. The considered boy never made it back home, after dying in his sleep. The title of the poem may be considered to be an explanation to his whereabouts to the son. The boy may be concerned of where he is, hence the perception of a Chinese heaven. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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