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Nature refers to the space, air, leaf, rivers, landscape and animals. Nature is the vehicle of thought. Words are signs of natural facts. Natural history aids in giving us supernatural history. This implies that the outer creation gives us…
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Download file to see previous pages Children use nouns or words of things they convert to verbs and use in mental acts. This essay will be based on chapter four titled language.
Words only are not emblematic it is things that are emblematic. Every appearance in nature is similar to some state of the mind. For instance, an enraged man symbolizes a lion, and a lamb stands for innocence, and a snake is subtle spite and flowers delicate affection. Moreover, light and darkness are our symbols for knowledge and ignorance and heat for love. Visible distance behind and before us are our images for memory and hope (Emerson 24).
Looking at the river in a meditative hour is a reminder of the flux of all things. Throwing a stone into the stream forms circles that propagate themselves and are a beautiful type of all influence. This symbolism relates to the fact that man is a conscious being who draw influence from the elements of nature. (Emerson 25). Reason in relation to nature is known as spirit. Spirit is the creator and has a life. Man in all ages and countries embody it in his language as the father. These analogies are constant and pervade nature. Thus, man is placed in the center of all objects. He is placed in the center of all beings, rays of relation pass from every other being to him. Man cannot be understood without these objects or these objects without man. All facts in natural history by themselves have no value. They are barren like a single sex. This married to human history brings an aspect that is full of life.
Back in history, language was by the use of symbols. These symbols made the original elements of all languages. Thus, the dependence of language upon nature never loses its power to affect us. This is by man’s power to connect his thought with its symbol and utter it depends upon his love of truth and a desire to communicate. However, the corruption of man is followed by the corruption of language. This is by the prevalence of secondary desires, for riches, ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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