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The author of this essay "In His Steps by Charles Sheldon" brings out that chapter 9 is perhaps one of the most important chapters of the book. It is important on multiple accounts. The fact that chapter 9 depicts the background which is desired for and experimented with makes it the most important one…
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In His Steps by Charles Sheldon
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Extract of sample "In His Steps by Charles Sheldon"

Chosen Chapter 9: Chapter 9 is perhaps one of the most important chapters of the book. It is important on multiple accounts. The fact that chapter 9 depicts the background which is desired for and experimented with makes it most important one. despite the central theme that is stressed for in the book, the central figures depict their natural instinct of love towards one another in an uncontrolled and unannounced manner. This chapter is also important on the account of the figure of speech used in the latter part.
The chapter has the details of how the protagonist finds peace that he has long desired for. The arrival of Golden One; or the girl whom he has got a soft corner for, and he finds peace through the connection established between them. The events that unfold on that night are the central idea of what Equality 7-2521 has desired for seeking and seeing in real world. The long prevailed solitude is long broken through the integration and coupling of the two bodies. The time spent together between the two makes Equality think of many things that he had on his mind. The events give him a source of how he could possibly make them happen.
The events that unfold, allow the main lead to question basic questions that are on his mind. The fact that he wants to distinguish between the vice and virtual the force of evil against the blessings of the nature, all these are relatively more brightened and taken to a new level by the events that take place in the forest on the given night.
The chapter also conveys the message that love is the possible solution to all the hurdles and issues faced by the individuals in a direct and indirect manner.
The Golden Age’s expression and the choice of words make things a little more complicated and obstructs the possible progress that may had been achieved through the events that unfolded on that very night. The expression of love nearly settled the overall affair and possibly gave Equality what he had been long looking for but Golden Age nearly messes it by using the word “We”. The actual theme held in the choice of word “We” is aimed at depicting the equality of mankind who are bound together by the element of love that has been subsided due to number of factors within the human society.
Analyze the characters featured in the chapter:
The characters featured in this chapter are the leads of the story. These two characters are Equality 7-2521 and Golden Age (Sheldon).
The theme of this chapter is that of love, the need for acceptance and the element of desire and calmness wished for in the unannounced manner. The two souls meet and find peace, yet at the same time get their attention attracted to the question of how and why must the people learn to love one another.
The expression “We love you” possibly stands out as a figure of speech that has been used in the latter part of the chapter. The events of the chapter relate in a way that love is questioned for as an element of desire and the longing for the opposite soul also finds its wish fulfilled.
Sheldon, Charles M. In His Steps. Start Publishing LLC, 2013 Read More
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