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The Bastard of Istanbul by Shafak - Book Report/Review Example

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The author of the present paper "The Bastard of Istanbul by Shafak" states that Armanoush had found out all about the truth of the murder of her grandfather. She had to avenge her Armenian blood, and so, here she was right in Turkey where she believed her grandfather was murdered…
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The Bastard of Istanbul by Shafak
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Extract of sample "The Bastard of Istanbul by Shafak"

Download file to see previous pages Armanoush was already in Turkey, where she was now waiting for her mother Rose and her step-father Mustapha (Shafak 2007). She had the entire plan in her mind, coded and programmed, where she knew exactly how to target the enemies. One by one, she would take down each and every one after which her Armenian blood would be satiated. Only after seeking revenge would she be able to return to America, and start a new life with little regrets and massive satisfaction.
After having confirmed that Asya was indeed Zeliha`s daughter via a DNA test she had conducted before, she now had leverage over Zeliha. She dug deeper to find out who the father of Asya was since she had her apprehensions when she sensed the discomfort in Zeliha`s eyes over the subject. She found rather odd that a bold audacious woman like Zeliha would abstain from accepting Asya as her own daughter, and more so as to keep Asya in the dark over who her father was. To dig deeper, Armanoush went ahead to investigate about all the past affairs Zeliha was having by the time she had conceived Asya. She had to find out who Asya`s father was, to further aggrandize the leverage over the situation which she had planned on exploiting later.
Also, she was well aware of Mustapha's hesitation over visiting Turkey. In all these years, how come Mustapha never even thought of visiting his family, the Kazancis (Shafak 2007). She knew something was wrong, and she was determined to find out. Her instincts were telling her to plot a confrontation between Mustapha and aunt Zeliha, and she was sure something would pop since Zeliha felt so uncomfortable with the idea of Mustapha visiting. Thus, that night, while her parents would arrive, she had planned out an episode to ensure a direct confrontation between Zeliha and Mustapha.
Armanoush and Asya, along with Aunt Banu were leaving the doorway while aunty Zeliha came after them, perplexed and anguished at the same time. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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