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An On Women By Mary Leapor - Essay Example

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The purpose of the present essay is to review the poem written by Mary Leapor entitled "An Essay On Women" that carries a pessimistic world view regarding the empowerment or emancipation of womenfolk and find way out to get rid of the social norms and values that were against womenfolk. …
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An Essay On Women By Mary Leapor
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Extract of sample "An On Women By Mary Leapor"

Download file to see previous pages Many poetic devices had been used by Mary Leapor in “An Epistle to a Lady”. Out of which five different uses are being explained here. Allusion: “For Tycho and Copernicus agree”. Copernicus is an illusion as it was a scientist of fame. Apostrophe: “Ah no -- tho' Heav'n brings near the final Day”. Heaven and final day are used as apostrophe as Mary Leapor directly addresses those absent ‘abstract’. Assonance: “This twenty Winters, if it is no more”. The poetess had used five assonances in a single line and it follows the consonants immediately. Consonance: “To speak the Truth it may be Twenty-four”. The alphabet‘t’ had been used in this line repeatedly. Euphemism: “Thousands may enter through the Gates of Death”. In this line death which is an unpleasant reality of life had been discussed pleasantly. The use of poetic devices suggests that Mary Leapor had well versed with the art of poetry and successfully used many techniques of poetry in this poem. She used a large number of poetic devices in this poem besides the above-mentioned expressions.
The poem successfully reveals the social atmosphere of the 18th century with particular reference to the plight of the women. It was the era of renaissance. Old belief system was being challenged and new dimensions and meanings for life were emerging. It was basically a transitory era when the rigid ideologies were being challenged by the philosophers, scientists, and poets. As the writer of this poem is a lady, so she depicts the female feelings in the poem in artistic manners. The major aim of Mary Leapor was to criticize the social structure and barriers that were hindering the progress of women of those times which she did elegantly. The poem touches the hearts of the readers and in some stanzas forces him or her to weep. It also captures the imaginations of sensitive readers and binds her or him to ponder upon the plight of the women. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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