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The essay describes the essence of a good writer. This paper outlines the main characteristics of the literature and features of the author, the importance to be understood, and William Folkner's view about the main concerns of the author…
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Essence of a Good Writer

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Download file to see previous pages This will not only help appeal to the readers but also facilitates the expression of the writer’s creativity and dedication in their work. The message of hope is also necessary for a work of literature in addressing some of the challenges experienced in society.
A good writer has to express their self-dedication to their work of literature and not just for some gains such as glory or profit, but instead, the writes have to focus in providing an outstanding work that best appeal to the audience (Faulkner). Dedication has to focus in appealing to the human spirit; this is because literature work entails appealing to the human spirit and expressing the authors feeling that best pleases the readers and creates a form of attachment as the readers get the information from the work of literature relevant to what is going on in the society.
Concerns of a good writer are essential in the current global and in understanding different situations. Currently, the writers can still use the doctrine of no fear and give a message of hope in their work (Faulkner). This can take into consideration the existence of various challenges in the current globe such as social, political and economic. The writers can also apply this to giving hopes that creates attachment and appeals to the human spirit. In addition, this will facilitate the writers’ creativity hence making one an outstanding literature writer. Currently, the writers can also understand the need for dedicating themselves in providing an exceptional work of literature (Faulkner). The writers should have a mindset with a focus on creating some creative work that will best please the human heart. Conversely, the writers should not put their focus in material benefit such as money and profit that the work is likely to generate; in addition, they should not also focus on benefiting from the glory in regards to the success of their work.
In my opinion, A Doll House by Henrik Ibsen meets some of the significant aspects of an outstanding work demonstrated by a good writer. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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