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Commentary - Coursework Example

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The main character of my story if Luke who is the father of a daughter whom he loses during the course of the story. He also has a wife named Offred who is reduced to a handmaid in the…
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Extract of sample "Commentary"

Commentary: Comment on how you have written your work. I have written my story “The Handmaid’s Tale – Vengeance” separated into 4 chapters. The main character of my story if Luke who is the father of a daughter whom he loses during the course of the story. He also has a wife named Offred who is reduced to a handmaid in the story due to Luke’s rebellion following his daughter’s death. My work portrays a dystopian society where no one is satisfied and everyone seeks freedom. Men constantly fight among themselves divided in groups and women are treated as objects.
Compare the text in your short story to Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale.
The text of my short story is quite similar to that of Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. I have used same names like Luke plays a warrior representing the group “Mayday” and Offred plays his wife just like in Atwood’s novel. However, Atwood tells story from a woman’s point of view. Offred is the protagonist and narrator in her story, while there is no narrator in my story but myself. Also, the story is not told from a feminist perspective and focus is not laid on Offred being treated sexually. The focus is not on how Offred loses or regains her agency, but on Luke and myriad hardships encountered by him.
Identify the technical choices.
I did not choose any character to narrate my story like Offred narrates the story in Atwood’s novel. Also, the perspective cannot be labelled feminist because female objectification is not explored, though it is mentioned briefly. It is mentioned that Luke’s wife is degraded to the status of a concubine who has no control over her life. She is forced to comply with stranger men’s wishes. But, my story really revolves around Luke, how he is badly injured by men from Gilead army, how he loses his darling daughter in the process of recovering her, and how he resolves to rescuing his wife from a degraded life near the end.
Comment on the structure you have chosen.
I have kept the structure of my short story very simple to engage more readers and evoke their interest. A simple short story separated into a number of short paragraphs is easier to comprehend and digest than a story consisting of very long paragraphs loaded with extremely complex words. I have tried to keep my words simple, yet riveting so that the message or spirit of my story more easily reaches my readers. Like paragraphs, I have also tried to keep my sentences brief to make my story a simple treat for everyone.
Comment on the word choice.
I have used words like “powerless” and “nervous” to stress on dystopia which plagues the society in my story. These words do not only portray the damaged physical and emotional state of Luke, rather they also sketch the kind of society which he is a part of. I chose the word “nightmare” to describe Luke’s temporary success as a way to describe how struggle of people in a dystopian society often turns into a nightmare. This is when their targets are not achieved as in Luke’s case when he loses his daughter to a bullet.
What your story adds to the understanding of dystopia?
My story explores dystopia through sufferings of Luke, objectification of women, and a prevailing sense of misery. In a state of dystopia, there is no happiness, men and women are kept strictly separated from other, women’s only job is compliance and bearing babies, men are always fighting, and there is no peace of any kind. My story adds to the understanding of dystopia by representing and describing these same features. In my short story, there is segregation of people into groups and there is no gender equality which represents dystopia. Read More
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Commentary Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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