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Robert Frost is a renowned American Poet whos style of writing involved portraying rural life and the use of New England vernacular. The purpose of the resent research paper is to investigate the life path of the Robert Frost along with discussing his activity in literature…
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The Life of Robert Frost
Download file to see previous pages Frost joined Dartmouth College after obtaining his diploma from Lawrence High School. At Dartmouth, a fraternity called The Delta Chi accepted him but he quit college after several months. He returned home where he worked in several jobs such as factory jobs, cobbling shoes, newspaper delivery and was even an editor for a local paper. ‘My Butterfly. An Elergy’ was Frost’s first professional poem and he sold it to the New York Independent in 1894 for fifteen dollars which today is the equivalent of 409 dollars (Taylor 37). The achievement encouraged him to propose to his girlfriend Elinor Miriam White who was a student at St. Lawrence University.She however objected so that she could complete college first. Frost agreed to the idea and enrolled at Havard University to study a course in liberal arts in the meantime (Taylor 63). The couple eventually tied the knot in 1895 and bore six children, two sons and four daughters. In spite of his academic excellence, Frost decided to leave Havard before he could attain his degree because of the more urgent need of supporting his rapidly expanding family. They moved to a New Hampshire to live in a small farm that had been given to them by Frost Sr. before his death as a present for their wedding. Frost wrote poems for the nine years that followed. He would write them in the morning then do farm work afterwards. A better part of his most popular poems were written during this period. The farm business wasn’t sufficient to support the big family. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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