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In her poem, she uses various literary devices such as smiles, metaphors, anaphora and assonance, which make her work engaging and interesting to…
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The precision of poetry
Download file to see previous pages The poet compares the idea to something that is immensely treasured since it is held close to the heart or the bossom. It also reveals that something can be famous not because of its monetary value but due to personal worth.
There is also the use of anaphora whereby the word famous is repeated throughout the poem to draw on the theme of the poem. Repetition is also used to give emphasis in the second and fourth line of the seventh stanza where the word ‘smile’ has been repeated to draw attention on how trivial acts of love and kindness can have an impact on someone (Nye).
She also uses a simile in the fourth line of the eighth stanza where she asserts, “famous as the one who smiled back.” The line compares one’s smile and being famous, showing the value of a smile and acting in kindness.
Finally, the poet uses masterful word choices with the help of symbolism and assonance. In the former, she says she would like to be famous just like the buttonhole. The buttonhole is a symbol that stands for something insignificant yet important, revealing that things often overlooked can be essential.
She also uses assonance and in the sixth stanza she avows,” the boot is famous to the earth, more famous than the dress shoe, which is famous only to floors” (Nye).In the lines, the assonance connect the shoe and the boot to show their difference. Dress and shoes are usually clean whereas the boots are dirty and muddy. The use of assonance helps in showing how something that is of less value can be significant.
The poem has various themes that can be linked to the world in the modern era such as man and the natural world and ethics. Nye wants people to look hard and long on what they often overlook. The modern society is usually obsessed with insignificant and superficial elements of things they consider as famous. In that case, Nye reminds her readers that they should not take too much consideration ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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