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It tells of the long journeys by the Greek hero Odysseus and his men after the fight in the Trojan War. The circumstances in his long trek home took Odyssey twenty years. This…
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Research paper
Download file to see previous pages This epic poems collection brings out a non-linear plot, and the influence on the events and choices taken out by women and serfs, more to the point the actions of fighting men. The recollection of these poems has led men and women to get involved in different roles throughout the epic poem.
In this analysis of the roles of the men and women in the Odyssey by Homer, throughout the Odyssey, one would not fail to notice that different characters, men, and women adopt camouflages to either see to it or complicate their own or somebody else’s passage through the world (Dougherty 110). This is the reason as to why some characters end up in multiple disguises over the course of the tale. In order to conjure up the feasible track on the participation of these characters, both male and female throughout the epic, a discussion of their roles and the implication would be a subject of substance. Moreover, the analysis would not be forcible if the influence of cultural values and gender treatment would not go into account. The analysis in this research paper would therefore help to highlight the multiple gender (men and women) roles in the Odyssey by Homer.
The impact of women and men in the epic Odyssey by Homer largely roots of what a reader may term as the importance of hospitality. In this sense, the involvement of these gender roles comes out of the virtue that these characters are somehow interconnected (Saïd and Ruth 80). For example, one would wonder why it took Odyssey ten years to return to his homeland after the victory of Ithaca in the Trojan War. The reason as to this is simply due to the obligation of accepting the welcoming attitude of the men and women he meets along the way back home. This qualifies as one of the generally observed roles of both the gender in this historic epic. One ought to understand that hospitality is a crucial part of ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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