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Robert Neville, the legend in the book, “I am a Legend”, is a character whose story perhaps would be told among the vampire community for a long time. Due to his courage and dedication to wipe out all the infected vampires, he stopped at nothing in making real his ambition…
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Week 10 journal
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I Am Legend Robert Neville, the legend in the book, “I am a Legend”, is a character whose story perhaps would be told among the vampire community for a long time. Due to his courage and dedication to wipe out all the infected vampires, he stopped at nothing in making real his ambition. Although he was captured and killed, he felt that he had done his best in trying to wipe out the vampires. The fact that he was hated by the entire vampire community except for Ruth, he felt that he would remain a legend among them forever. The novel reveals the legendary character in him, making it suitable for the novel. Although the character referred to as a legend by the title in the novel did a morally wrong thing by killing vampires, it applies to people in the society currently. The theme of hard work and dedication is portrayed in the legend character, which subsequently is insisted to the people, that we should employ all our efforts and strength in our work.
I Am Legend, a story centred on the character Robert Nellie who survives an adverse bacterial infection that transforms people in the entire nation into vampires undertake research to find out the cause of the diseases as well as how he could treat them later. Single handed, he manages for three years to kill millions of them until his time of capture and execution (Matheson 128). The theme of the story is hard work, courage and dedication, which is portrayed by all legends. The choice of the theme of legendary in the title perfectly relates to the story’s theme.
Having read two graphic novels, personally I find them entertaining, captivating as well as amusing. Moreover, they improve a person’s reasoning and thinking capacity since they talk of characters doing extra ordinary things in extra ordinary situations. The characters are given roles that are realistically impossible to handle, but manage to undertake them through hard work, courage and confidence. Through these characters, these books successfully convey their themes in a unique but equally entertaining manner.
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Week 10 Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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