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Report on The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder - Book Report/Review Example

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Dona Maria adores Dona Clara her daughter most. However, Marquesa is one of the accident victims that occurred at the bridge of…
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Book Report on The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder
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Download file to see previous pages Camila Perichole: Camila is cared for by uncle Pio. She is an actress that flirtatious, vain and brilliant. Camila isolates herself from the world after small pox stricken her (Wilder 7). She finally joins a convent helping the unfortunate children.
Dona Clara: Dona Clara is the daughter of Marquesa and she is clever and proud (Wilder 9). She leads a life of luxury when she got married to a lord in Spain. Dona Clara encourages her talent being a connoisseur of art (Wilder 9).
Pepita:Pepita is an orphan taken care in the hands of Abbess (Wilder 9). Pepita is lonely and she helps Maria De Pilar carrying out the convent activities. Pepita also lost her life in the bridge accident along with Dona Maria (Wilder 9).
The book tells a story of redemption. Redemption refers to the deliverance from sufferings (Wilder 15). When Dona Clara was pregnant, Marquesa took with her Pepita. Pepita was a lonely orphan girl. Marquesa had identified the loneliness of Pepita and the need for attention thus befriending her. On their way back both get involved in the accident and die. This could be a way of saving Pepita from the suffering of the world. Estebans together with his twin brother found life to be harsh and confining (Wilder 18). Estebans got a chance to work in a ship and he was heading to Lima to begin the journey with the Captain, the bridge breaks thus dying. This death saves Estebans from more sufferings.
The time and place where the book is set refers to the setting of the book kin general term. This paragraph discusses the setting of the book of The Bridge of San Luis Rey. The book is set in and around Lima which is the capital of Peru (Wilder 23). The setting was done in the eighteenth century. The city was beautiful and it was inspired by the religion of Catholic. Principles of Christianity were instilled by the staunch Catholics like Brother Juniper and Abbess to people like ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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