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Is Frankenstein a horror novel What elements of gothic horror are present, and why is this an effective style for this particular story - Term Paper Example

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These novels relates to fictional styles that accentuates on monstrous, strange and deserted. Frankenstein fits in this category as it has terrifying elements that combine to make humanity and the society. In compliance…
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Is Frankenstein a horror novel What elements of gothic horror are present, and why is this an effective style for this particular story
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"Is Frankenstein a horror novel What elements of gothic horror are present, and why is this an effective style for this particular story"

Download file to see previous pages In a horror novel, there is usually an element of detachment and contradicting nature. This also happens in Frankenstein in that, Shelley fails to mention, where victors create the monster (Blamires and Shelley 115-116).
Shelley is a romantic write who is very much concerned with environment, human sentiments, sympathy for man, liberation of oneself from Romantic hero and resistance against the community. Romantics mostly associated themselves with the rustic life, as opposed to the contemporary life. Frankenstein applied most of this ideology into her novel and lived among those who practiced such life. Shelley perceives the monster as a romantic conqueror from the rejection that he encounters from the community. Wherever the monster steps, he is pursued because of his gruesome and gigantic size. In her novel, Shelley tries to communicate to the society about the very many people hunted because they are unacceptable in the society. No one who can blame the monster for what he encounters and Shelley explain to the audience the significance of showing sympathy to a create that does non-harm to any person (Blamires and Shelley 115-116).
The most attempts to slot in into the society, but, because he does not possess some human values and features then he is not fit to socialize with human beings. The monster promises to reimburse the man for his absence in knowledge and then avoid any human encounters. He reads for himself until he grasps some knowledge, since he wished to be part of the society (Blamires and Shelley 115-116).
Frankenstein is one of the first Gothic novels produced in the 18th century. The novel compiles both Romantic and Gothic elements and integrates them into an outstanding literature that is memorable. It is an exceptional novel because, when Mary Shelley produced Frankenstein, there were other novels that used Gothic themes however, the genre used in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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