A short analytical response to Master and Man by Leo Tolstoy - Essay Example

The story is about a Master, Vasili Andreevich, and a Marxist who considers economic relationships to be the most important basic relationship in the world. He over exaggerates…
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A short analytical response to Master and Man by Leo Tolstoy

Extract of sample A short analytical response to Master and Man by Leo Tolstoy

Download file to see previous pages This comes out clear when his wife tells him to take Nikita, a laborer with him as he has money (Tolstoy pp 113). It is in the winter season and it is snowing so badly such that road marks are covered by snow. Despite the fact that it is already nightfall and snow it is snowing, nobody will persuade Vasili to stop his journey and rest for the night (Tolstoy pp 135). The driving force is the money he hopes to make by buying the grove, the thought that he himself might become a millionaire (Tolstoy pp 151). He hopes to make 10 thousand rubles by that one deal (Tolstoy pp 150). The land owner is selling it at ten rubles which Vasili knows is a third of the real value of the land, yet he still wants to buy it at seven rubles (Tolstoy pp 107). I feel this story is a realistic fiction with many embedded Marxist themes.
In my response I emphasized with Nikita who is overworked and underpaid. Vasili takes him because he values his cheapness and pays Nikita forty rubles instead of the eighty rubles he is worth (Tolstoy pp 109). Nikita wants to buy a horse for his son and he knows that in the market, it will cost seven rubles but if he takes it from Vasili, he will be charged twenty five rumbles (Tolstoy pp 118). Still, Vasili feels like a benefactor to all those who depend on him for money. Worse still, in pursuit of profit, Vasili nearly drives Nikita to his death. Vasili comes out as a Marxist when he regards his wife’s advice to take Nikita with him as stupidity (Tolstoy pp 153). Marxists do not usually appreciate the role and position of women in the society. This is mainly because of focus and emphasis on the importance of economic and work relationships.
My favorite part of the story was when Vasili and Nikita, after driving through the snow come to a village and at the end house of the village; they find some frozen clothes hanging on the line. Nikita on observing the flattering clothes makes the ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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