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Kims Novel Review - Book Report/Review Example

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This essay analyzes "Kim", that is a picaresque novel penned by Rudyard Kipling and which was first published in the McClure's Magazine in October 1901. It is one of Rudyard Kipling’s most famous works whose protagonist is also coincidentally named Kim…
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Kims Novel Review
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Extract of sample "Kims Novel Review"

Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that Rudyard Kipling’s Kim has become a source of many ideologies in today’s time. The meaning behind what happens in the book has nothing to do with a children’s spying story. It is more of a political book which is engagingly written, so much so that it could be taken to be a pure entertainment fictional novel though some background information about the writer and some factual occurrences highlight immensely the true events which might have led Kipling to write ‘Kim’. It shows British Imperialism and the ruling power trying to control their abode by setting spies. It shows the customs of heritage when Kim is further trusted to be a spy because of his newfound background as a white boy; Kim has no loyalty towards his being ‘white’ though and is mainly on the job for the fun of it (Havholm‎ 82). It also shows the dynamics of the relationship between the Russians and the British at that time.
In conclusion, the trivial characters that come and go in Kim’s life are not of great importance and they are perhaps the entertaining part of the otherwise spy tale. A manifestation of many meaning, the author has managed to condemn them all into a single book which upholds political agendas, cultural differences and spiritual features all in one (Katja‎ 5). To think of Kim as just a literature spy book would be wrong. Beautifully written with ounces of truth to every tale, Kipling has made it obvious that his book not is taken as a simple story by entailing the quote in it:“There is no sin as great as ignorance. Remember this.”

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