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The Art of Reading Poetry by Harold Bloom - Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "The Art of Reading Poetry by Harold Bloom" states that in the last chapter, Bloom argues that poets should let their words be inevitable and not easily predictable. This will, in turn, help the reader to ask the poem’s message and question the manner in which the message is conveyed. …
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The Art of Reading Poetry by Harold Bloom
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Extract of sample "The Art of Reading Poetry by Harold Bloom"

The Art of Reading Poetry by Harold Bloom Poetry is rhythmic literally a piece of work that has bewildered people for many years. Metaphorical tones, symbolic natures, ironies and polymorphic implications are some of the features of literacy that poetry has explained. Harold Bloom’s work The Art of Reading Poetry has assisted readers to comprehend how to read and perceive features of poetry written. In this book, Bloom argues that poetry is figurative language, intense so that its form is both evocative and expressive (Bloom, 2005).
Bloom explains how figurative is removal from literal so that a poem’s structure can be referred to as a trope or non-literal speech or a figure. According to Bloom, he references Burke and states four major tropes: synecdoche which implies a part that is substituted for the whole, irony which means one thing and stating or saying another thing, metaphor which is a means that represents something else and, lastly, metonymy which is a substitute for an association of a phrase.
According to Bloom, one uses recognition, integrated thinking and memory to develop poetry; “poets usually allude to other works of poetry” (Bloom, 2005). Read More
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