Contrast Between Nora of A Doll House and Maggie of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - Essay Example

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The objective of this essay is to conduct a comparative analysis of the protagonists from the plays "A Doll’s House" and "Cat on Hot Tin Roof". Therefore, the essay examines the similarities as well as differences in the characters' actions and motives depicted in the stories…
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Contrast Between Nora of A Doll House and Maggie of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
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Extract of sample "Contrast Between Nora of A Doll House and Maggie of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"

Download file to see previous pages She falsifies documents behind her husband’s back to save his existence. Forging of documents is a crime, but despite this, she goes ahead in counterfeiting the documents to save her husbands (Ibsen, 165). Maggie puts a lot of effort in her marriage since she is disturbed by the direction their marriage has taken. She puts immense efforts to entice her husband to sleep with her since she is desperately in need of a baby to inherit her father-in-law properties. She comes up with a solution on how to have an heir for her father-in-law, although her husband trashes her idea (Bloom, 89).
Secondly, both women are victims of rejection, and this is witnessed by their spouses’ outlook toward them. Nora’s spouse turns against her at the moment she needs him claiming that her act of forging the document was not justified. Nora gambled to save her spouse bearing in mind a notion that her husband will one day forfeit everything he had for her sake with her security, but she was mistaken since her husband gave her a cold shoulder at the end (Ibsen, 165).
Lastly, they both experienced change at a moment in their lives. Nora experienced a change in personality from being spendthrift to being economical. In the begging of the story she is depicted to be a spendthrift person, but later on, in the story, the notion of her being spendthrift is altered when it is made clear that she was using the money she had to pay for an earlier debt that she had accrued. Maggie experienced a change in life since she was from an underprivileged background but later ended up in a rich family. She had passed through eye-catching experiences like struggling to attain her education.
Both Nora and Maggie had a couple of differences that they shared in the play “a doll house” and “cat on a hot tin roof”. Maggie was materialistic, and this is witnessed from the choices she made. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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