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The purpose of the paper “Good vs. Evil” is to analyze the concept of good and evil, which has been with us since the beginning of time. Since the creation of the universe, good and evil have already existed. The Bible is a good source of information on what is good and evil. …
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Good vs. Evil
Good vs. Evil
The concept of good and evil has been with us since the beginning of time. Since the creation of the universe, good and evil have already existed. “From a Spiritual science standpoint, people who are living or who have passed on (subtle bodies), who have an intense desire to do spiritual practice with the goal of surrendering everything including ego unto God and aligning their life with attaining God and deities, are defined as ‘good’”[Spi11]. Those who do otherwise would define the “evil” people.
The Bible is a good source of information on what is good and evil. The wisdom of the Bible helps us discern the good deeds from the bad deeds[Two11]. One’s religion helps one determine what is good and what is evil. Religion is the foundation that one needs to be guided in knowing what is virtuous and what is sinful. An example of this is the Catholic Church’s Ten Commandments which serve as a guideline for Catholics. That is the reason why religion is important to society. When one is good, he improves not only his life but society’s welfare also[Phind]. Atkinson goes on further to say that if one is evil, it affects his soul and the well-being of his community.
In literature, the concept of good and evil is portrayed through the protagonist and the antagonist. The protagonist represents the good side while the antagonist shows the evil side. Almost all literary pieces impart the conflict between good and evil. Good vs. evil is a universal theme. Each individual has his own interpretation of what is good and evil; however, one may view something as good while another views it as evil or vise versa.
An example of literary piece which centers on the theme of good and evil is Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. The novel presents the battle of good vs. evil within an individual, that is, the duality of human nature[Spa11]. The major conflict in the story is whether good can be separated from evil and which among the two is more powerful. In the novel, Dr. Jekyll represents the good side, being a well-liked and a respectable doctor. Mr. Hyde on the other hand represents the wicked side of Dr. Jekyll. At the end of the story, one sees that evil gains control of Dr. Jekyll when he commits suicide to get rid of Mr. Hyde.
Through the novel by Stevenson, one sees that there is a good and an evil side in an individual. What is important is for a person not to let his bad side dominate him. One’s conscience takes a major role in determining good vs. evil. If a person is confused, it is his conscience that will help him decide to do good. Listening to one’s conscience and following the Bible would mean living a life according to the teachings of Jesus, which is a life of good actions.
There is good and evil in an individual. And since individuals make up a society, then there is also good and evil in society. While good and evil may continue to persist in society, one still hopes that good will eventually prevail and make this world a better place to live in.

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