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A Comparative analysis on V. S. Naipaul's A Bend in the River and Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness - Thesis Proposal Example

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The claim that Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” champions the colonizer’s godly presence in Africa may engender hot debates because of a reader’s naïve failure to debunk the manifold meanings that are kept hidden beneath the apparently ambiguous structural layers…
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A Comparative analysis on V. S. Naipauls A Bend in the River and Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness
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"A Comparative analysis on V. S. Naipaul's A Bend in the River and Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness"

Download file to see previous pages ll of dark African Jungle is more debatable than Naipaul’s assertive attempt, in ‘A Bend in the River’ to construct the colonial identity as an entity that is racially inferior to the European and inherently incapable to expose itself to changes for the betterment (Boehmer 45-7). The tone underlying Naipaul’s approach to the colonizer-colonized relationship obviously tends to vindicate Achebe’s claim that Naipaul essentially establishes himself as the “purveyor of the old comforting myths of Africa’s former colonizers” (Achebe 3). Indeed Naipaul’s ‘A Bend in the River” can be read as a sequel –more appropriately an appendage to- the Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’.
Indeed whether both Conrad and Naipaul are the so-called racists or not, they need to “set up Africa as the foil for Europe” and to show an “image of Africa as the antithesis of Europe and therefore of civilisation.” (Achebe 5) Though critics like Achebe blame these authors for purveying racism and for championing the west’s superiority, they can be acquitted of this blame through their literary detachments from the narrators of their novel. Achebe claims that “Marlow seems to enjoy Conrad’s complete confidence.” (Achebe 6) But he ultimately ignores the fact that Marlow’s narration essentially appears to be the unashamed assertion of the most detestable and rapacious self, of the colonizers, that often remains cloaked under the apparel of being civilized. Indeed referring to the similarity between Conrad’s and Naipaul’s approaches to the people of European colonies, Achebe says that “one of Naipaul’s favorite aims is his “determination to use his creative works to prove that the supposed validity of Conrad’s observations regarding Africa in Heart of Darkness remains despite the departure of Africa’s former colonizers” (Walunywa 2). Like Conrad, Naipaul also can be respectfully differentiated from his narrator Salim in “A Bend in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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