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Definition on the Book The Right Stuff - Essay Example

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The essay "Definition  on the Book The Right Stuff" analyzes a book The Right Stuff in which the stuff in question is hard to describe, but it appears easy for the author to identify. The right stuff is a quality held by test pilots and fighter pilots which the author concentrates on…
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Definition on the Book The Right Stuff
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Download file to see previous pages To accept the very real risk of death, while still maintaining this supreme level of confidence, seems to be one of the main hallmarks of the right stuff in Wolfe’s book. For example, Pete knows that many of his friends have crashed and burned at various obscure AF bases. However, “Pete never indicated for a moment that he thought any such thing could possibly happen to him. It seemed not only wrong but dangerous to challenge a young pilot's confidence by posing the question. And that, too, was part of the unofficial protocol for the Officer's Wife”. These wives also are portrayed in Wolfe’s book as having some degree of the right stuff, but it is right stuff by association: the right stuff itself remains a primarily masculine ideal as it is seen by Wolfe, involving heroic behavior in the face of extreme, deadly danger. Although the danger faced by the wives is mainly emotional, they still share some degree of the right stuff.
The right stuff also carries physical attributes with it. As demonstrated by the pilots and astronauts in Wolfe’s book, the man with the right stuff has to be more than physically fit; he has to have a fitness level that approaches super-human. In the scene in which the test pilots are being groomed for being astronauts, the physicality of the right stuff comes through clearly, as the pilots share a sense of physical competition to do many of the Superman tasks expected of them by the scientists. These are people who have trained their bodies to obey their minds no matter what. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Definition Essay on the Book The Right Stuff Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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