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The writer of this paper states that The frustration of Su Shi is the frustration of all writers. Most poems and written words can be proven by other writers. Su Shi just knows that if he edited this poem, he could improve upon it. This speaks of a liberal view of the art during the time…
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Overview of Some Pieces of Chinese Literature
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1, Meaning, style, and other elements of the poem could be discussed as part of an open discourse in the arts.

2, The rivers and hills are empty and pure,/ but I belong to the dust;
though they may be a path to reach them,/ it is not my fate to follow.
This is an example of Zhuangzi. Humans are insignificant when compared to the time and the universe. Su Shi is saying that he will die and not be as solid as the earth. The rivers and hills will always be empty and pure without human intervention. However, the rivers and hills will return to the original form after the short life of man is over. Although Su Shi travels along the rivers and hills, they will only take him to certain demise. The human might have to coexist with nature, but soon the humans will be gone. The path the earth leads humans on is only shared for a millisecond in time. Su Shi accepts his mortality. This is what makes Zhuangzi a wise train of thought. It helps humans face reality. Read More
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