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The Chapter Three of Book Three in My Antonia : the Relationship Between Human and Environment - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes The Chapter Three of Book Three in My Antonia that closely follows at the heels of the previous chapters by taking the common thread, Jim’s nostalgia, his love of Antonia and his pain having lost it. The play is a significant image, an external symbol of Jim’s emotions and experiences…
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The Chapter Three of Book Three in My Antonia : the Relationship Between Human and Environment
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Extract of sample "The Chapter Three of Book Three in My Antonia : the Relationship Between Human and Environment"

Download file to see previous pages My Antonia by Willa Cather is a story of the protagonist Jim Burden, who narrates it in the form of a Memoir. It has five books divided into several chapters. In the third chapter in book three, Jim talks about how he spent his time during the spring season. Jim attended quite some plays together with Lena Lingard. This chapter describes in detail their experience watching a play called Camille, which is a story of a man’s love for a woman, who is dying of tuberculosis. This chapter directly follows the previous chapter where Jim is seen alone in the city when he meets Lena and plans to go out in the evenings to the theatre. The next chapter indicates that Jim, apart from going out with Lena to the theatre, also meets her at her shop, visits her apartment and spends a considerable amount of time, since the time he met her. Chapter three of book three seems to be an account of the play and their experience watching it, but it is significant to the entire book as it brings out the pain in Jim with his separation from Antonia and his sudden realization of the compelling similarity between the play and real life. This realization is the heart of the chapter. Jim describes the things in nature as he finds his way back home through the countryside in which he lives. It is spring and the rain has left the blossoming lilacs fresh and fragrant. However, the words “bittersweetness”, juxtaposes two opposites forming an oxymoron reflecting the disposition of Jim. The play Camille has left a lasting impression on his mind, that he sees the overwhelming reality of pain in his heart left by his separation from Antonia. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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