The Idea of Labyrinth in The Circular Ruins - Book Report/Review Example

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The author examines the idea of the labyrinth which the Argentine author, Jorge Luis Borgeson has put forward in his collection of short stories called Labyrinths. He was known as The Labyrinth Maker. His story, The Circular Ruins, also contains in it the idea of a labyrinth.  …
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The Idea of Labyrinth in The Circular Ruins
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In this story, the wizard desperately wishes to create another human being as his son out of his dreams. When he succeeds in doing so, he discovers that he himself is a creation of somebody, that he is also being dreamt by another dreamer. Life, in fact, is being referred to as a labyrinth which keeps man traveling and wandering in search of immortality with the false understanding that he can achieve anything like immortality by creating another like himself. The labyrinth in this story also contains in it the idea of circular time, that is, the mythical travel of time, a never-ending cycle, in addition to the confusion between real and fiction. The wizard was worried that his son would finally discover that he was not real and a mere perception of somebody’s dreams. But, in the end, the wizard found, much to his embarrassment, that he was himself a perception of somebody else’s thoughts. He, in fact, wanted to create a human being greater than himself but discovered the truth that he could not give his creation anything better than what he had been given by his dreamer. This is the whole concept of the labyrinth, that is, every creation in this world goes back to its origin and always ends in the same way. We are all like our parents and finally like Adam.   Read More
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