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To arrive at his conclusion, he digs deep into the turbulent history of Mexico beginning with the fall of Aztecs and their conquest by…
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The Labyrinth of Solitude
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Download file to see previous pages Paz turns spiritual to explain the desperate search for identity by the Mexicans thus: He urges the Mexican people to wake up from their dream state, know the ground realities, and act on in the world outside with the practical approach, without the feeling of self-pity of self-condemnation. In that state of inner concentration, he states that Mexicans will realize that they are a cosmic race freed from all sorts of negativities and confusion. That will be the beginning of real progress for the Mexicans.
Octavio Paz tries to provide the national dimension to solitude, essentially a personal trait. Wit intelligent arguments the author proves his point that solitude can be a national characteristic, the trait of an entire culture or nation. He argues that solitude is intrinsic to the historical character of Mexico and as such it is the key to understand its history in its proper perspective. Though not a negative trait, solitude is linked to melancholy and for Mexico it originates in a psychological complex of defeat, according to the author. The reasons can be found in the political history of Mexico, its own authoritarian rulers to begin with. People live under oppression and suppression under such rulers and will not have the opportunities for the free and full growth of their individual personalities. Subdued individual personalities make a subdued and dispirited society and nation. The process began with the rule of its own authoritarian rulers followed by the authoritarian Spanish conquerors that were cruel and ruthless and they were then replaced by the authoritarian oligarchies during the era of independence. Another factor by which the people of Mexico were overawed was the intimidator posture of United States. People were not exposed to peaceful disposition under all these conditions and their inner resentment was brewing often resulting in violent expressions. But the same cannot be categorized as inferiority complex.
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