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The basic motive of this project is to show that poetry is the art of subtle consciousness. When we read the poetry of the masters, we realize that the experiences shared by these great poets and writers are not really different from what we experience. …
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Prajakta Kanegaonkar
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"Prajakta Kanegaonkar"

Download file to see previous pages The paper talks that Tao’s poetry has a range which is truly amazing. He is remote and aloof in one poem while he is almost on the verge of opening his heart to the other. It is not very difficult to guess as we know the volatility of a poet’s mind. Here when we use the word ‘volatility’ it also means the god gifted intellect which at times is as light as a feather and at times as practical as mathematics. Undoubtedly his poetry cannot be segregated from himself. The reflection of his inner peace, serenity, and solitude is seen in his every poem. He has no qualms in admitting that he cannot be the great general Han Xin in one poem while he admits the pleasure of simple-hearted people in the other. This goes ahead to prove the simplicity of the heart he carried.
The proximity of nature is very evident in Wang Wei’s poems like that in Tao’s. However one senses a little aloofness in his poetry, unlike Tao. Tao’s poetry at one level signifies unison with nature. The beauty of nature and serenity it brings is visible in Tao’s heart as well as his poetry. In the case of Wang Wei, he prefers to stand on the edge and experience the beauty of nature around. This can also be traced backward towards his being a painter.
In conclusion, hence the freshness of the poetry of these two great poets transcends beyond the time. The poetry gives us a sheer pleasure of discovering ourselves and discovering the self that is probably lost in today’s world. The idea of such calmness from within is virtually inexperienced in today’s world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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