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The author of the paper analyzes the book "The World that Trade Created" in which the authors Kenneth Pomeranz and Steven Topic present a compelling account of the expansion of the world trade and financial system and provide valuable information regarding the role of trade markets…
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Analysis of The World that Trade Created by Kenneth Pomeranz and Steven Topic

Extract of sample Analysis of The World that Trade Created by Kenneth Pomeranz and Steven Topic

Download file to see previous pages The book reads like a fiction, the chapters are in chronological order and the book is divided into small articles that focus mainly "on the nature of the world economy and the forces that shape it." The chapters are simple and easy to understand. The stories in The World that Trade Created were first published in the column "Looking Back" that were compiled by "Will Swaim", but later they were brought together and arranged in the form of a book by Pomeranz and Topic.
The book begins by highlighting the early modern markets and how they functioned, moreover, it examines the significance of drugs for example "coffee, tobacco and opium" on the trade market and how transportation played a vital role in further developing and enhancing business growth and commerce to far-away markets.
The essays provide valuable information regarding the role of trade markets of places like Asia, America, Europe, Africa and Aztec, and the different products named, sugar, coffee, potato, corn, and silver, rubber and many raw materials that became useful commodities for the businessmen.
The themes of the book are intriguing and evoke a favorable response from the reader, for instance, the description of the origin of coffee, the association between drug market and tea and the slave trade etc is worth reading. Furthermore, there are thousands of useful and inspirational quotes throughout the book.
In the first few chapters, the author talks about the Aztec Indians who were known for the trading of the products like, "rubber, chocolate, Jaguarian Pelts. The authors successfully describe "globalization" in detail and their efforts are highly appreciable.
Pomeranz and Topic have energetically and sincerely valued the works of many writers like Adan Smith, David Ricardo, Malthus and others without any prejudice, they have also criticized the Americans for being "Eurocentric" and bias, he warns them to overcome their shortcomings before it is too late. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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